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Ep 95: Elements 9 - Plot M. Darusha Wehm talks to Pip Adam (Special Live-streamed Episode for Wellington Rape Crisis Annual Appeal Week)

May 4th, 2021

To raise awareness, and hopefully some money, for the Wellington Rape Crisis Annual Appeal we live-streamed this episode of Better off Read on Sunday 2 May at 8.00 pm.

I talked with M. Darusha Wehm about their work with a special focus on narrative and plot. I'm particularly excited to talk to Darusha about their new work The Qubit Zirconium a riotous science fantasy novel from the smash hit game, KeyForge.

We don't talk directly about sexual violence in this live-stream, but I do talk at the start of the episode, in a general way, about the work Wellington Rape Crisis does.

You can watch the livestream on PIp's YouTube channel here

You can donate to Wellington Rape Crisis at

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